For the Victims of Violence

*update by posters. Roby Gilbert Art Institute of Seattle

Posted on: June 4, 2009

*EDIT The reason this has been posted is because it relates to the Bainbridge Mom Found Dead Article Posted Below. Simply more news…

Below are some user submitted views. One claim was to his employment which I confirmed by calling the Art Institute of Seattle and asking for him. I was told he no longer works there, after some inquiry I learned he had been fired. I was also able to ascertain that his mother works there and that his father was/is an experimental psychologist.

A poster and visitor to this blog named “rain” has informed me that Roby Gilbert has been fired from his job, which I have learned was the Art Institute of Seattle. He was a Department Head and in charge of many people. There have been many posters to this blog and as a result of some time away in various occupations, I have been unable to post all of their responses yet.

Some of the submitted comments:

Bob123 said: “…he left chaos at his place of employment, broken lives and broken careers of students…”

PeetsLuv: “…after he was gone it was like people came out of the woodwork and everyone had a Roby Psychopath story…”

KDawg: “..I fear for some of my students, although I can’t prove it and don’t have access to the definitive reason he was fired, students have been coming to me saying he had relations with them…I am not sure what this means and hope it isn’t of a sexual nature…”

ShiningBlade: “…what sucks is he lets us do what we wanted, all that we had to do was maybe rat on a teacher or sign some complaint of teachers he didn’t like…”

This is quite frightening stuff. I shudder to think that an Institution of Higher Learning would have someone of ill repute in a position of imbalanced power over students.

*Edit. Apparently a search of records in Kitsap County indicates he has been to court forced there for an order of protection:

I hope the victim in this case that is seeking shelter from Mr Gilbert is safe.

*Edit. I just learned that his “wife” is also a student and is pregnant and was thrown out of the house. Since many from the Bainbridge area seem to frequent this blog, please consider offering her some assistance. It may be that she would suffer the same as Juliete Gilbert did. My guess is that one could find from this spouse similar patterns of treatment and abuse that Juliete had claimed. Hopefully they will not go unheard.


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