For the Victims of Violence



This blog was started to provide a place for concerned residents to voice their fears and discussions about situations unfolding on Bainbridge Island.

It is for the memory of Julliette Gilbert who seems to have been a victim of domestic abuse, at least that is the opinion of the blogs author based on unresolved facts surrounding the case.

This poor woman seemed to be abused and discarded, with nobody to listen to her. Hopefully continuing the discussion of her death, ruled a suicide, will help to salvage her much maligned reputation.


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This story claim’s that Juliette’s son was not allowed to even write her a letter based on the therapist’s findings.

I wonder if this was simply an assertion by her husband or if this information was ever actually verified.

In my experience with “my” sociopath, people took his word without question. He held several college degrees and worked in a position of authority.
I can’t imagine a directive such as that from any trained therapist.
The current concepts tend to be based on a two parent approach. I have heard that there is even a program designed by survivors of abduction by the group “Take Root.” I believe they have a website.

Also, you have spelled Juliette’s name with two ll’s and it was hard to find your blog.

I hope all those that currently have contact, as indicated in this blog, stay safe from harm.

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